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Proprietary photocatalytic coating for roofs and facades 

Our bright-white or pastel-color surface coating refracts solar heat, reducing the building's exterior surface temperatures  - - reducing energy use while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions 


MACOMA Photocatalytic Exterior coating is non-toxic & mineral-based providing a durably clean, sun refracting, air-purifying façade for 10+ years

For roofs and facades, our self-cleaning photocatalytic film (Cool Roof & Cool Façades) refracts heat, reduces summer energy use by up to 40%, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, providing immediate and lasting solutions to the problem of climate change and air pollution, creating clean and healthy communities for today and future generations.


Reducing the "Urban Heat Island Effect"!

Cool Roof Rating Council listing:

https:// /directory/ roof?keywords = macoma


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